Therapeutic Nutritional Support

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the process

  • You will be required to complete the following before your intake appointment:
    -Informed Consent Agreement
    -Kitchen Equipment Questionnaire
    -Food & Symptom Journal
    -New Client Intake Form
    -Medical History Form
  • Appointment Types:
    Week 1: Intake appointment
    Week 2: Healthy kitchen education session
    Week 3: Grocery store tour
    Week 4: Private cooking session
    Week 5: Supplement consultation
    Week 6: Follow-up appointment
    Week 7: Food journal review
    Week 8: No appointment
    Week 9: Meal planning session
    Week 10: No appointment
    Week 11: Food journal review & final follow-up


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  • Your Customized Wellness Plan will be designed based on all testing results and all information provided by you. Please note that results will be interperted by Hannah Smith, CNP and additional testing may be necessary based on each individual case. Over the course of 11 weeks we will work together to help you overhaul your lifestyle and help you understand what makes your body thrive!
  • Every client is different therefore each plan is based around you, and designed in a way that creates healthy habits through attainable changes over a period of time Satisfied Soul Health & Wellness is proud to be able to assist our clientele in various areas: 
  1. Hormone Balancing
  2. Diabetes Management
  3. Weight Loss
  4. Athletic Performance
  5. Digestive Issues
  6. Living with Food Sensitivities
  7. Eating for PCOS
  8. Going Gluten-Free
  9. Keto Lifestyle
  10. Autoimmune Diet


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